Management model

The management model proposed by Accurate Quant stems from academic research conducted since 2001 by members of its management team, who teach at the main business schools.

It is based on the application of quantitative strategies with the aim of avoiding human intervention and obtaining favourable and stable results by investing in financial markets, regardless of their situation (bullish, lateral or bearish markets).

This belief is based on advanced statistical studies that have been verified against real-life situations since 2008, which show that specific changes in the market are followed, in a high degree of cases, by other changes (action and reaction) that the investor can benefit from.

We depict this methodology in mathematical terms (algorithm), programme it on the best international platforms/brokers, and provide it to the client using the latest technology. And there we have it: our Quant Advisor.

The "algorithm" behind our automated system

The algorithm that determines our mode of management is not a "divine formula". It is based on a simple common sense idea which any of us can subscribe to.

"Most of the fundamental ideas of science are essentially simple, and may, as a rule, be expressed in language comprehensible to everyone." Albert Einstein

Based on this idea, and by means of advanced mathematical and statistical techniques, we perform an empirical analysis of our different strategies. In other words, we use probabilities as a basis not prophecies, or human emotions such as euphoria, fear, impatience, uncertainty (which is so characteristic of private investors)...

Our methodology is based solely and exclusively on SCIENCE.

In particular, our algorithm aims to detect the increases or decreases in valuations to invest and divest immediately when profits are made and withstand certain losses.

Although we use statistical methodology as a basis, we do not always get it right. However, we have been right on many more occasions than we have been wrong and as a result, in the medium and long term, our returns are much higher than other assets in bullish or bearish market situations.

This means that we have experienced losses just like any other investment, but we have always recovered them in the past with patience, because, and we must reiterate this, we base our work on probability and this sometimes needs time to materialise.


Add to this approach the fact that we don't gamble everything away on a hunch: we conduct multiple probabilistic analyses, with different focuses, on different assets, regions, schedules, etc., in order that the portfolios recommended to the client always have several activated systems so that we diversify and make the client's results more stable.


One of our greatest assets is that we offer something very different to other investments you may have in your portfolio or you may have access to in the market, and this is very advantageous. No investment can guarantee you future returns and as this is the case we should invest in a variety of things and not put all our eggs in one basket.

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