We believe in transparency, and as with any investment, our strategies involve risks.As a result, we want you to understand what these are before investing – it is a way of making the most of this mode of investment.

We are advisors to professional clients, and as such if you are not one or do not wish to be considered one, we cannot advise you.

Although the financial risks involved in our strategies are not greater than those involved in many traditional investments that a non-professional or retailer can invest in, on the basis of current regulations, our strategies are categorised as products that are sophisticated, complex and can be difficult to understand. It is therefore important that you always take into account the following aspects depending on the regulator.

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The automated trading systems developed by Accurate Quant and provided to the client by means of different world class platforms and brokers possess the following characteristics that must be taken into account.

They have been developed by a team of traders with over 15 years of experience in managing these types of strategies, under comprehensive and advanced risk monitoring. In addition, the trading systems have been successfully employed in real-life situations since 2008 on over €500 million, by means of different national and international institutional investment vehicles, with better results and lower risks than many investments considered traditional and non-complex.


They use financial derivatives, specifically futures considered as complex under the regulations.

Your investment can consequently be leveraged. In other words, the notional value may be higher than the investment you actually make in the broker's account, and as such a loss greater than your investment, although not very probable, is likely. Example

This requires, as in any investment, a good understanding of these types of products so that we can compare them to "traditional" investments, in order to understand how they diversify the overall portfolio of investments, in the understanding that they are products that behave independently and in a manner decorrelated from traditional investments and markets, which is good for our portfolio.

 You will have the possibility, by means of your broker to, at any time and with immediate effect, stop the systems, for any reason you deem appropriate, with no obligation to provide notice of this beforehand or to provide justification.

 Past performance achieved using the strategies developed by the advisor and that may have been shown to youare no guarantee of future returns, and they may even become future losses, as in any other type of investment.

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